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Websites of Top Companies in the World

Fortune 500 listed these companies as those belonging to the Top 10 Companies in the world according to annual revenues. A peek at their websites might reveal a clue on how these business giants have

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You can be a Blogger Too

Blogging has become quite popular. In fact, many of today’s bloggers have a strong online following. People depend on them when they need information about something, and when they need details about

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Making Blogging Easier in

How Do I Start My Blog? This is the biggest question for anyone who wants to be a blogger. Most of those who have no background knowledge about blogging are often intimidated by the thought that they

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Understanding the Admin Panel was created with first-time website owners in mind and designed to be a true "What You See Is What You Get" (wysiwyg) platform. The concept was to create a platform where the focus is content

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Blogging Tips from Successful Bloggers

Blogging Tips from Successful Bloggers John Chow is an example of a man who made blogging a career and someone who started with zero income in blogging to earning $40,000 a month in just two years.

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Canva Updated with New Toolbar

Canva, the technology integrated in, has been updated with a new fixed toolbar instead of the previous floating toolbars. Check out the awesome update below.

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What are layouts in

Layouts were released in the second update of and it is a significant part of the page builder or the visual editor. Layouts are arrangements of text and images that make a website pleasing.

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Editing a Page in

The new update of has drag, drop and edit technology. This technology allows users to easily create web pages and (of course) FREE websites in just mere minutes.

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Second Huge Update

We have finally reached beta 2! There are two major features that we have rolled out. Oh and you can make your website and online shop FREE.

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Bountiful Catch at Red Tail Cagayan de Oro

I am actually allergic to crabs and shrimps. But that never stopped me from enjoying crustaceans. Life is too short not to let it take my breath away.

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