Understanding the Admin Panel And the little floating buttons at the corner

CdeO.ph was created with first-time website owners in mind and designed to be a true "What You See Is What You Get" (wysiwyg) platform. The concept was to create a platform where the focus is content editing first and administration second. It was then contemplated, that a back-end will not be needed since first-time, non-technical users, normally gets confused with a back-end. This idea then led to the demise of the back-end module and the creation of the Admin Panel. 

The Admin Panel sits hidden at the right corner of the screen and will only show when really needed, by clicking the shortcut button (shown below). 


The Admin Panel contains the two important configuration in CdeO.ph: The Website Settings and the Page Settings. 

  • The Website Settings - are usually configured once, which is why this setting is collapsed / hidden by default. This setting contain important configuration which affects the whole website. Example, if your website is hello.cdeo.ph, this setting affects only all of hello.cdeo.ph. Here you can: 
    • Publish your website - making it viewable to anyone.
    • Enable / disable the Blog 
    • Enable / disable the Tindahan or online shop
    • Change the title of your website
    • Change color accent
    • Manage inventory (if Tindahan is enabled)
    • Manage customer orders (if Tindahan is enabled)
    • and many more 


  • The Page Settings - are configurations that affect only a page of your website. The setting is only applicable to the current page the user is currently in. Example, if you're in your Home page, then page settings only affects the Home page. You can:
    • Publish a page - viewable to the public
    • Add categories
    • SEO title, description and keywords - This is automatically created by CdeO.ph, but users can override these if they want granular control over the SEO of their website
    • and more 


Now, about those little floating buttons at the corner, we call these the shortcut buttons. These buttons, once clicked, triggers a setting or a function:


  • Admin Panel - Opens the Admin Panel, lol obviously 
  • Site Settings - Loads the website settings form
  • Media Uploads - Loads the uploaded images where users can view, upload photos or design graphics in Canva
  • Enable / Disable Edit - Triggers web page editing and shows the layout container
  • Save Changes - Saves the edited web page
  • Publish Page - Publishes and saves the page

With almost zero learning curve, CdeO.ph was designed to be simple, beautiful and seamless so users can focus more on design and content. The Admin Panel and any settings does not distract but encourages beautiful content creation.  

Start building your website and online shop now!