Websites of Top Companies in the World and Why Your Own Business Also Needs One

"Store windows are like landing pages on the website." --- Angela ahrendts, senior vice president of retail at apple inc. 

Fortune 500 listed these companies as those belonging to the Top 10 Companies in the world according to annual revenues. A peek at their websites might reveal a clue on how these business giants have reached the pinnacle of the success ladder and might give you great ideas that you can copy for your own business website. 

Walmart tops the biggest companies in the world with $482 Billion in annual revenue. 

Check out the home page of Walmart's website:

Being a giant retail company, its website cashes in on impulse buying by placing their promotions on a slider on the top portion of their website. That "Online Specials" is repeated thrice (with subtle variations) in the 5 slider images, making its retention greater for its target market. The featured products section allows them to showcase goods. And if you scroll down in their actual website, they also have sections featuring items that are discounted. Their website is chock-full of professionally photographed products in coordinated background. 

Incidentally, you can create the same slider effect in your own website by dragging a slider lay-out from the layouts menu in the upper left part when creating your website in

The next three of the world's top companies are owned by Chinese and their websites reflect functionality and focus on content.    

The fifth largest company in the world, the Royal Dutch Shell's website tries to find a balance between functionality and aesthetic.

A website is a must for businesses in the 21st century, whether you are engaged in a simple buy and sell business from your home or you employ more than fifty employees. Clients, customers and business partners all need to be able to look at your products and review company information at their convenience. 

Lack of coding skills nor insufficient funds to hire web designers should not hinder you from making your mark online. allows regular businessmen with no coding skills to create professionally looking websites through drag and drop technology. And it's FREE. 

Here's a video tutorial on how you can make your own website in minutes in