You Can be a Blogger Too

Blogging has become quite popular. In fact, many of today’s bloggers have a strong online following. People depend on them when they need information about something, and when they need details about a particular place, event, or person. Today’s bloggers are considered social media influencers. Whatever it is that they post is bound to generate a lot of talk and can even go viral.

This is the main reason why a lot of brands and companies often invite and even hire bloggers for their events and projects. They know that bloggers can help them connect with the audience they are targeting.

 First off, though, we need to understand what a blogger is and what he really does.

What is a Blogger? 

Basically, a blogger is someone who owns a blog or a blog site. It is where he publishes his writings; where he shares his ideas and important information about certain events, places, and people. Most bloggers focus on a particular interest: fashion, travel, food, photography, and gadgets, among many others.

While there are no subjects or courses in college that teach one how to be a blogger, the primary qualifications are love for writing and the passion to reach out to and inform people.

Bloggers are not paid, although there are ways for them to make their blogs earn. Additionally, there are bloggers who are hired by brands and companies for marketing and promotion purposes. And while bloggers enjoy a lot of perks, their life is not as fun and glamorous as many think it is.

Like traditional media men, bloggers also have deadlines. So, when they are invited to one event after another, things can get quite hectic and they often find their writing tasks piled up. Most bloggers are employed in regular jobs, although quite lot of them work online.

Who Can Be A Blogger?

Practically anyone can be a blogger. There is no educational requirement for one to become a blogger. Of course, as previously mentioned, it is essential for a blogger to love writing and to have a passion for not only learning but also sharing important information.

If you have these two characteristics, you are ready to start your own blog.

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Posted by Maia


Maia is the founder/organiser of the annual VDAY CDO and one of the founders of Geek Wars trivia event. She co-directed LIMA: The HIV Monologues in 2015 and is directing LIMA: Pagdawat, a 2016 production. Also this year, Maia will stage her late mom Chic Fortich's Palanca-winning play "Reyna Elena". 

Maia started writing when she was in high school back in the 80s. Her first published works came out in the early 90s and she used to write for Mr. & Ms. Magazine and Eternal Woman/Eve. She began blogging in 2009 and focuses more on lifestyle-related topics. She is the woman behind MimaiScribblesCDO and MaiAdventures.